Classical Performance - Guitar, MM

Course Requirements

GUIT 411GUITAR (MAJOR) (four semesters; 3 credits per semester)12
PERF 451MASTER OF MUSIC JURY (three semesters; 1 credit per semester. Taken concurrently with GUIT 411)3
PERF 428GRADUATE RECITAL (Taken concurrently with GUIT 411)1
PERF 380STRING PERFORMANCE CLASS (four semesters; 1 credit per semester)4
ENS 409CLASSICAL GUITAR ENSEMBLE (four semesters; 1 credit per semester)4
Music Academic Electives (Three 3-credit courses)9
Two 400-level MAS courses
One 400-level course in MAS, MCMP, MTA, or MUHL
Total Credit Hours38

Residency Requirement

A student must earn at least 21 credit hours at Roosevelt University.

Minimum Grade Requirements

Applied Lessons
B- is the minimum passing grade for GUIT 411 GUITAR (MAJOR).

B- is the minimum passing grade for PERF 428 GRADUATE RECITAL.

B- is the minimum passing grade for all three semesters of PERF 451 MASTER OF MUSIC JURY.

A student must earn a GPA of at least 3.0 in all major subject area coursework.

Recital Repertoire

60 minutes of music is required, and the repertoire will be determined by with the applied instructor, who will also grade the recital. All solo repertoire must be performed from memory.

Jury Repertoire

Repertoire and technical studies to be presented at juries will be determined by the applied instructor. All solo repertoire must be performed from memory.

This degree map charts a suggested pathway through all of your required courses. It is incumbent upon all students to fully comprehend curricular requirements and course schedules, and while it is feasible to chart an alternate pathway, it is highly recommended that you do so in close consultation with your academic advisor so as to determine a degree path appropriately tailored to your needs.

A full-time graduate course load comprises 9-13 credits per semester.

Year 1
FallCredit HoursSpringCredit Hours
GUIT 4113GUIT 4113
PERF 4511PERF 4511
PERF 3801PERF 3801
ENS 4091ENS 4091
PERF 4342Music Academic Elective13
MAS 4013 
 11 9
Year 2
FallCredit HoursSpringCredit Hours
GUIT 4113GUIT 4113
PERF 4511PERF 4281
PERF 3801PERF 3801
ENS 4091ENS 4091
Music Academic Elective13Music Academic Elective13
 9 9
Total Credit Hours 38

Music academic electives will include a minimum of two MAS (Music Academic Studies) courses. One other 400-level course in subject area MCMP (Music Composition), MTA (Music Theory and Analysis), or MUHL (Music History and Literature) may be used in fulfillment of this requirement.