Graduation Policies

Application for Graduation

Students expecting to graduate must complete a graduation application by the published deadline on the Graduation Deadlines webpage. An application is required for degree conferral; the application can be found in RUACCESS.  There is a $100.00 late fee applied for applications received after the published deadline; there are no exceptions. Participating in the commencement ceremony is optional and separate from the graduation application and the conferral of a degree.

Commencement Participation

Roosevelt University holds commencement in May. Students may participate in the commencement ceremony within one term of their degree conferral. Students may request to participate in a ceremony outside of their graduation term by contacting Graduation Services and submitting a Ceremony Participation Request Form.  Participation is based on space available and is not guaranteed.  Contact Graduation Services for more information.  

Graduation Fiscal Policy

Students who wish to participate in commencement must be in good fiscal standing with the University in order to participate in the ceremony or receive tickets for guests. Review the university’s Graduation Fiscal Policy for more information.