Psychology, BA to Clinical Psychology (Counseling Practice), MA Accelerated Program

Students admitted to the Clinical Psychology (Counseling Practice), BA to MA Accelerated Program will take the following three courses during their senior year:

Total Credit Hours9

The remainder of the requirements is the same as those in the Clinical Psychology (Counseling Practice), MA program.

Your degree map is a general guide suggesting courses to complete each term on the academic pathway to your degree. It is based on the most current scheduling information from your academic program. Your program’s degree map is reviewed annually and updated as schedules change (although you retain the same course requirements as long as you are continuously enrolled in your degree program).

Always work closely with your academic advisor to understand curriculum requirements and scheduling, as each student’s academic plan can look slightly different. No more than two grades of C (not C-) may be applied toward the 60 hours used for the degree. A graduate course can only be repeated once; no more than two courses can be repeated.

Please note that the map below  represents the following:

  • Year 1: Graduate courses taken in the final year of the undergraduate program
  • Year 2: First year of MA program
  • Year 3: Second year of MA program
  • Year 4: Third Year of MA program
Year 1
FallCredit HoursSpringCredit Hours
PSYC 5053PSYC 5193
PSYC 5163 
 6 3
Year 2
FallCredit HoursSpringCredit Hours
PSYC 5303PSYC 5703
CHS 4173PSYC 5803
PSYC 5153PSYC 6053
 9 9
Year 3
FallCredit HoursSpringCredit Hours
PSYC 6063PSYC 6403
PSYC 6193PSYC 641 or 6423
PSYC 6233PSYC 6453
 PSYC 6493
 9 12
Year 4
FallCredit HoursSpringCredit Hours
PSYC 6563PSYC 4XX or Higher3
PSYC 697A3PSYC 697B3
 6 6
Total Credit Hours 60