Graduate Catalog

This catalog provides official information on graduate academic programs and policies in effect at the university for the academic year 2024-2025. 

What this catalog means for you

The Roosevelt University Academic Catalog (“Catalog”) provides information regarding current educational programs, class offerings, academic regulations, and University policies and procedures. This Catalog is revised annually and published online for each academic year.  

Graduation requirements are determined by the year you entered Roosevelt University.  You may refer to the Catalog for your entering year to determine your program requirements. 

Nevertheless, the University expressly reserves the right to change without prior notice the contents of this Catalog, including by changing, phasing out, or discontinuing any policy or program. Such changes may include changes to policies, course, scholastic and admission requirements, tuition and fees, payment plans, examinations, room and board rates, and academic requirements for graduation. If such changes are made, the University will communicate those changes via University email or other widely used media.  

Notwithstanding the University’s efforts to communicate changes, each student is expected to make a reasonable effort to familiarize themselves with the Catalog and any subsequent revisions, including program and degree requirements pertaining to their majors and general regulations governing academic work and progress. Students are strongly encouraged to seek information and assistance from appropriate University personnel should they have any questions regarding the Catalog or any of their rights and obligations as a student.

How to use this catalog

  • Under the Programs A-Z tab are the current requirements for graduate programs.
  • Under the Courses A-Z tab is current course information, including the number of credit hours and prerequisites.  The catalog lists all courses; not all are offered each term. Check the Course Finder to determine offerings for a specific term.
  • Under the Academic Policies tab is information on university-wide policies and links to important procedures such as registering for classes and applying to graduate.  The colleges at Roosevelt and each graduate program may also have policies of their own, meaning that it's important to consult those entries in the catalog as well.