Biology, BA to Secondary Education, MA Accelerated Program

  • Major in Biology
  • Completion of 60 credit hours of undergraduate course work
  • Have and maintain a minimum cumulative and Biology grade point average of 3.0
  • Obtain permission from the Chair of the Department of Education to take the required MA courses
  • Upon completion of the Biology BA, apply for admission to the MA program under the normal admission process.
  • At the time of application for admission to the MA program in Secondary Education, submit evidence of a passing score on the ILTS Biology content test.

The student will take the following three MA graduate courses as part of the Biology BA. All of the courses will receive credit toward the Master’s in Secondary Education degree once the student is admitted to the MA program.

Required Courses


Your degree map is a general guide suggesting courses to complete each term on the academic pathway to your degree. It is based on the most current scheduling information from your academic program. Your program’s degree map is reviewed annually and updated as schedules change (although you retain the same course requirements as long as you are continuously enrolled in your degree program).

Always work closely with your academic advisor to understand curriculum requirements and scheduling, as each student’s academic plan can look slightly different.

Year 1
FallCredit HoursSpringCredit Hours 
FYS 1011ENG 1023 
ENG 1013Ideas of Social Justice3 
MATH 1213BIOL 2015 
Humanities #13CHEM 2025 
CHEM 2015  
 15 16 
Year 2
FallCredit HoursSpringCredit Hours 
BIOL 2025BIOL 3015 
MATH 2173Major Elective outside of BIOL #13 
CHEM 210 or 2113Social Science #23 
Social Science #13Humanities #23 
 14 14 
Year 3
FallCredit HoursSpringCredit Hours 
BIOL 3XX w/ Lab5Biology Elective3 
Major Elective outside of BIOL #23Major Elective outside of BIOL #33 
Humanities #33Social Science #33 
COMM 1013General Elective3 
 General Elective3 
 14 15 
Year 4
FallCredit HoursSpringCredit HoursSummerCredit Hours
Experiential Learning #13Biology Elective3SPED 4193
Biology Elective3SEED 4013READ 4633
Biology Elective3General Elective3 
EDUC 4023SEED 4033 
 Experiential Learning #23 
 12 15 6
Year 5
FallCredit HoursSpringCredit Hours 
SEED 4533SEED 4606 
SEED 4504  
SEED 4223  
DLED 4683  
 13 6 
Total Credit Hours 140