Accelerated programs allow students to complete an undergraduate and graduate degree typically in 5 years, saving money and time. Students enroll in a specified set of 3 graduate courses in their senior year to count for both the undergraduate and graduate degree requirements. The remaining graduate courses can be completed in one calendar year. NOTE: Some graduate programs, in and of themselves, can be completed in one calendar year. These are not considered part of the accelerated programs.

Eligibility: The majority of students are eligible to apply for an accelerated program after completing 75 credit hours and before completing 90 credit hours. The ideal time to apply is at the end of 1st-semester junior year in time to register for senior year courses in the 2nd semester of junior year. Please consult your advisor for final eligibility.

Process: Students meet with their advisor and the respective graduate program director. If admitted to the accelerated program, the student will register for the 3 graduate courses and formally apply to the graduate program.