Pharmacy Business Management Certificate

The Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree program at Roosevelt University is designed to prepare pharmacists to work in various healthcare settings. Through academic coursework that includes the current MBA prerequisite, core, and concentration courses, PharmD students can complete a dual PharmD/MBA program. There is a demand for an MBA degree from PharmD students at Roosevelt University. This Dual Degree program will encourage and allow PharmD students to customize their management education in the direction of their specific interests and career aspirations. The PharmD/MBA dual degree can be accomplished using the existing core courses and concentration courses.

Students must apply to Heller College of Business no later than Spring Term 4 of Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum for enrollment in Summer Term 5 HCB courses.  For students who have not earned a bachelor’s degree, admission to the MBA program in Heller College of Business will be contingent on the successful completion of PharmD. This contingent admission enables students to take HCB courses before completion of the PharmD as listed in the course map.

Pharmacy Business Management Certificate 15 semester credit hours


The following core courses from the Pharmacy program will count toward the certificate for a total of 9 semester credit hours:


The following courses will need to be taken from the College of Business for a total of 6 semester credit hours:


Both courses are offered on the SCH campus in the Summer.

In addition, students participating in the certificate program may choose an APPE Management course or MKTG 406 as elective course to apply to the certificate.


  • Students who earn the certificate will have 15 of 33 hours to apply toward an MBA if they choose to continue.
  • It will serve as the basis of a 3.5-year dual degree option for a PharmD/MBA. 
  • Based on the information provided by the Pharmacy Program Advisory Committee – one of the greatest needs they see in new grads is to have a greater understanding that pharmacy is a business.
  • Offering the certificate and dual degree will set Roosevelt University Pharmacy Program apart from its other nearby 3 years PharmD competitors MWU and MCW, which do not have the ability to offer this type of certificate/degree.
  • Assist our graduates in standing out in the job market.