This course offers basic principles in data modeling and intelligent information. Students will learn the fundamentals of how big data can be converted into actionable insights to drive better business decisions. Emphasis will be placed on methodologies. This course combines the business minded and the technical/analytical inclined student. Topics covered in this course include big data, social intelligence, data warehousing, data aggregation, data preparation, basic analytics, data visualization and communication. (Prerequisite: MGT 508 with a grade of B or better)

Credits: 3

Prerequisites: MGT 508


This course is highly applied in nature and offers students the opportunity to work on integrating analytics in a corporate business setting. Students will select a project depicting a real scenario from different industries such as finance, healthcare, retail, government, marketing and sales. The class format and course syllabus are tailored for students to develop core skills applicable to business analytics in planning, project management, strategy development and implementation, team leadership, negotiations, decision-making and presentation. Emphasis will be placed on how to effectively communicate final results to different audiences including non-technical audiences and senior managers. (Prerequisites: PRD 590 with a grade of B or better)

Credits: 3

Prerequisites: PRD 590