Graduation policies

Application for graduation

Students expecting to graduate must complete a graduation application by the published deadline on the Graduation Deadlines webpage. Attending the commencement ceremony is optional and separate from the graduation application and the conferral of a degree.\

Graduation Fiscal Policy

As a student, you are responsible for all tuition, fees and other associated costs assessed as a result of registration and/or receipt of services from Roosevelt University.  Roosevelt University will withhold all diplomas, transcripts, and other official statements (such as Letters of Completion) from students with any outstanding debts to the University.  

Graduating with honors

Undergraduate honors

The minimum requirement for nomination is a 3.75 grade point average (students who enrolled prior to fall 2004 require a minimum GPA of 3.5). Bachelor’s degree candidates who meet these criteria will receive a letter of nomination by mail for the Franklin Honors Society. 

Undergraduate departmental honors

Bachelor’s degree candidates may be awarded departmental honors according to their department’s requirements. Questions should be directed to the department’s chairperson.