Performance Diploma, PED (Instrumental)

Offered in: Chicago

The Performance Diploma is a two-year post-baccalaureate certificate program designed for the accomplished instrumentalist who wishes to continue performance studies at an advanced level. The program is open to students majoring in classical guitar, piano, and orchestral instruments( string, harp, wind, brass, and percussion). Its objectives are to provide an intensive period of performance study and to allow students to concentrate on repertories and genres of their choice (solo, solo/orchestral, or chamber music).

All repertory for study and performance is at the discretion of the major teacher. Two full recitals will be given, one at the end of each year in residence.

String, wind, brass, and percussion majors must enroll for both large and small ensembles each semester of residence.

Admission requirements

Please consult the CCPA Admission and Audition Information webpage for audition requirements for the performance diploma. 


Applied Music 451-454 (Major Instrument I-IV)24
PERF 418SOLO PERFORMANCE (two recitals, in the second and fourth semesters))4
Music electives (two non-academic courses in the first and third semesters)2-6
Total credit hours36-44