University-wide academic policies

The university-wide academic policies appearing in this section apply to all graduate programs. Students are responsible for acquainting themselves with these policies and following them. In addition, some of the university's colleges and programs have additional policies that apply only to students enrolled in those particular programs. Students should consult the catalog section for their colleges and programs for policies specific to their programs.

General policies appear here; longer policies relating to academic terminology, academic standing, grievances and other topics have their own pages. 

Catalog year

A student's "catalog year" refers to the academic year in which a student entered the university. The catalog year determines the degree requirements for that student, based on the catalog at that time. At any time, a student may update his/her catalog year to the current catalog and degree program requirements by completing a Declaration/Change of Major form.

Class attendance

Instructors are required to submit attendance reports on non-attending students during the first two weeks of each semester. Although instructors set their own expectations for attendance, reporting of those not attending is required by the U.S. Department of Education. Students not attending class are then subject to action on their registrations, charges, and financial aid for the term.

Degree completion

Master’s degree students must complete their degree requirements within six years of their admission.  Students may contact their program advisor or department chair if they wish to petition for degree completion extension.

Doctoral students should consult their program’s requirements for degree completion on the individual program pages in this catalog.

Grade reports

Final grade reports are available to students in RU Access; no grade reports are mailed. The grade report includes credit hours completed, quality points, and term and cumulative grade point averages. Academic standing also is indicated on the grade report.


The transcript is the official academic record for a student at Roosevelt University. Official transcripts may be requested online from the Office of the Registrar. There is a fee for each transcript. Official transcripts are issued directly to institutions and employers. Students may also request a transcript marked “Issued to Student.” No transcript will be issued if the student owes the university money or has any other encumbrance. Information about the cost of transcripts and the procedure for ordering is available on the Transcripts website.

Transfer credit

See the university's Transfer Credit Policy for information on transfer of graduate-level coursework.