Bilingual/ESL Education, Minor

Offered in: Chicago

The College of Education has five undergraduate programs: Early Childhood Education, Educational Studies, Elementary Education, Secondary Education and Special Education. The college also works jointly with the Chicago College of Performing Arts to deliver a program in Music Education. All of these programs, with the exception of Educational Studies, focus on teacher preparation.

The College of Education has a history of serving nontraditional as well as traditional undergraduate students, and schedules are designed to meet the needs of full-time as well as part-time students. All teacher preparation programs are offered at the Chicago campus and are a part of the New Deal Teacher Academy.

Undergraduate programs within the College of Education prepare students to transform schools and communities in the pursuit of knowledge and social justice. Through the continuous evaluation and refinement of academic programs and courses, offerings are kept current and relevant to real-world contexts and professional standards of quality. Experienced, dedicated and culturally diverse faculty work collaboratively with students to foster knowledge and skills with respect to diverse learners, instruction, assessment and research. Talent and resources from a variety of disciplines are integrated and used, as are cutting edge technologies. All programs require a variety of field and clinical experiences that augment and integrate academic studies.

The Bilingual/ESL Education minor prepares teacher candidates to improve student learning with children and families who have a first language other than English. The minor leads to either a bilingual or ESL endorsement on an Illinois Professional Educator License.

To earn the bilingual endorsement, teacher candidates must pass a state language exam in addition to successfully completing the courses in the minor.

In addition, all teacher candidates must complete 100 clinical hours of observation and practice teaching in classrooms serving English-language learners to earn their endorsements. The minor is available only to Education majors who have earned admission to a teacher licensure program. Students in the Educational Studies major may also take courses in the minor.


At least four of the courses, or 12 credit hours, must be taken at Roosevelt University. All courses must be passed with grades of C or higher (C- is unacceptable) and a minimum 2.0 overall GPA.


Students minoring in bilingual/ESL education must be teacher candidates who have earned admission to a teacher licensure program. A passing score on the Illinois Basic Skills Test, Test of Academic Proficiency, ACT or SAT is required for enrollment in the minor.


Six courses in education (18 credit hours) make up the minor. All courses are required (see below).

READ 373ASSESS OF BILINGUAL STUDENTS (10-25 clinical hours)3
READ 375METHODS & MATERIALS TEACHING ESL (10-25 clinical hours)3
READ 376CROSS-CULT STUDY FOR TEACH LEP (10-20 clinical hours)3
Total Credit Hours18