Undergraduate Catalog

Welcome to the Undergraduate Catalog of Roosevelt University. This catalog provides official information on undergraduate academic programs and policies in effect at the university for the academic year 2016-2017.The catalog is the university's "contract" with its students about its academic offerings.

What this catalog means for you

Students enrolling in the university for the first time this year will follow the requirements in this catalog until they graduate or leave the university. A student who leaves Roosevelt for a period of time may not be able to complete the original program, if it has been revised during the student's absence from Roosevelt.

How to use this catalog

  • Under the Programs A-Z tab above are the current requirements for all majors, minors and concentrations offered to undergraduate students.
  • Under the Courses A-Z tab, above, is current course information, including the number of credit hours and prerequisites.
  • Under the Academic Policies tab, above, is information on university-wide policies and links to important procedures such as registering for classes and applying to graduate.

In addition ...

  • The five colleges at Roosevelt offering undergraduate programs also have policies of their own, meaning that it's important to consult those entries in the catalog as well.
  • The catalog lists all courses; not all are offered each term. Check the Coursefinder to determine offerings for a specific term.

Students are responsible for:

  • Reviewing, understanding and following university-wide rules, regulations, and requirements in the catalog.
  • Reviewing, understanding, and following the degree requirements for programs in which they are enrolled.
  • Consulting with professional and/or faculty advisors with questions about requirements or policies.
  • Enrolling in courses that fulfill their degree requirements.

The requirements presented in the catalog for majors and minors also will be reflected in the Degree Works system, which students, faculty, and advisors use to track students' progress in their majors.

Roosevelt University reserves the right to make changes in course, scholastic and admission requirements, tuition and fees, payment plans, examinations, room and board rates, and in other areas. This catalog is revised annually and published online for each academic year.