Sociology, BA/MA Accelerated Program

Offered in: Chicago

The Sociology Department offers an Accelerated BA/MA program to eligible students. Students entering this program can earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in sociology in less time than earning these degrees separately would require.

Students apply for the accelerated degree program in their junior year, begin enrolling for graduate courses in the senior year, and graduate upon completion of all requirements. As undergraduates, eligible students may earn between 6 and 9 credit hours (taking two or three graduate-level courses), which are applied toward both the undergraduate degree as well as the graduate degree.

Graduate courses taken during the student’s senior year will depend on the courses the student has remaining to complete the undergraduate degree in Sociology, although only one of these courses can be a core requirement for the MA degree. Once the student completes the BA, the graduate-level courses taken as an undergraduate will be transferred to their MA transcript.

In addition, students enrolling in this accelerated program benefit from paying undergraduate tuition for courses that will count toward both their undergraduate and graduate coursework. Students also jump start their progress toward completing a MA in Applied Sociology.


Applicants must be a Sociology major at Roosevelt University, have an overall GPA of 3.0 and a 3.25 GPA (or better) in Sociology in a minimum of four Sociology courses taken at time of application, and completion of core requirements for the Sociology BA. Accepted students must also agree to finish MA program at Roosevelt and maintain good standing in master’s level courses.

Degree awards

The BA is awarded when all undergraduate requirements are completed (with substitution of three graduate level courses for three undergraduate departmental electives). The MA is awarded when all graduate requirements are completed, including one of the following options:  

  • Master's thesis.
  • Experiential research and learning project.
  • Research and writing project.

Application deadlines

Fall term: Aug. 15
Spring term: Dec. 1