Public Administration and Law, MPA/JD

Offered in: Chicago

 Roosevelt University and The John Marshall Law School offer a combined credit program leading to the degrees of Juris Doctor (JD) and Master of Public Administration (MPA). Students may complete both degrees in four years rather than the five years normally required for full-time students to complete both degrees separately. In order for a student to obtain these combined degrees the student must fulfill the requirements of the degree programs at both The John Marshall Law School and Roosevelt University.

Under the program, The John Marshall Law School will accept up to nine credit hours of RU courses to be counted as electives, provided these hours are composed of courses designated by John Marshall as acceptable and are taken after completion of the first year of law study. Students participating in the program may not count additional non-law school courses toward the Juris Doctor degree.

RU will accept up to nine credit hours of John Marshall courses, to be counted as government concentration courses, provided that these hours are composed of courses designated by RU as acceptable.

Dual credit will be allowed for dual-credit courses in which the student receives the minimum grade required by the grading institution in order to continue in the curriculum at its institution. Candidates for the program must satisfy all admission and enrollment requirements of each cooperating institution and must be granted admission by both institutions. Students admitted by both institutions must complete the residency requirements of each institution.

The graduate program leading to the Master of Public Administration (MPA) prepares experienced and aspiring administrators to be leaders in government, criminal justice, health, environmental, and nonprofit organizations. The curriculum consists of core management and analysis courses and specialized courses in the student’s concentration. Concentrations are offered in health services management, government management, and nonprofit management.

Roosevelt's Chicago campus is ideally located for aspiring MPAs. Government is the largest single employer in the metropolitan area with agencies at all three levels (federal, state and local); several health care organizations are among the top 25 area employers; and the nonprofit sector is growing more rapidly than any other.

The public administration program draws from — and gives back to — this rich practice laboratory by continually connecting theory with practical application and by involving students in real administrative problems and their solutions. Faculty are primarily teachers, but they are also researchers, consultants, and practicing professionals. Courses are offered in the evening to accommodate students who are employed full-time. In addition, online courses are available and remote access to evening courses can be arranged for students with situations that preclude normal attendance.

Also available:

  • Accelerated Political Science BA/MPA in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Transitions Program in the College of Professional Studies


Students must be admitted separately to each institution. A candidate may begin the combined program either at Roosevelt University or The John Marshall Law School.

In either case, the first year of law study will be taken solely at John Marshall with no RU courses being taken simultaneously. RU courses approved for dual credit qualify for credit toward the Juris Doctor degree only if they are taken after a candidate has been enrolled as a law student and has completed the first year of law study.


The degrees included in the combined program will be awarded only upon completion of all requirements for each degree. Roosevelt graduate courses must be completed within six years, and the law degree must be completed within seven years.